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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we have a wedding film produced?

Everybody considers professional photographs to be an essential part of a wedding to supply a great record of the day for yourself and others to enjoy in the future. Professional films offer something different to photographs, you can't hang it on the wall but it will always bring back the memories of your day flooding back in a way that a photo will never be abkle to do.
I read that at a wedding fair a presenter said " I am holding two boxes. One contains your great-grandparents' wedding photo's, and the other contains their wedding film. You can open only one. Which do you choose?" The audience choice was unanimous, everyone chose the video

What equipment do you use?

We shoot our weddings using Panasonic 4K DSLR's. During the ceremony we will use a Lapel mic attached to a small recorder for the groom, with shotgun microphones on the cameras to record those vows.
During the speeches we will mic up the speakers with lapel mic's and usethe shotgun microphones on the cameras.
We also have a range of camera support systems such as monopods, tripods and gimbal stabilisers.

How far in advance should I book your services?

As early as possible... we only take on a certain amount of commissions per year due to the time it takes to produce our wedding films, so the diary does fill up quickly. We also get lots of enquiries for the samepopular dates so these can go quickly

I want to make a booking now, what do i need to do?

If you have made the decision to book with us, please check that we are still available for your date.
You can book via our website by completing the Booking Form. 
We will also require a £400 deposit to secure the booking (unfortunatly the deposit is non-returnable)
Once we have received the completed booking form and deposit payment, full confirmation is then sent back to you

Essex Wedding Videographer

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